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Autolift Inspections

Structural Technology, Inc.
  is dedicated to providing top quality inspection services to our customers.

We pride ourselves in the highest quality inspections founded on


The quality of our inspections are surpassed only by our high level of customer service.  We will work with each customer to create a customized inspection program to meet all annual inspection needs.  This is the reputation that we have developed within the industry and we take our reputation very seriously. 

Below you will find a list of STI's most popular comprehensive inspection programs.  If you cannot find a program below to meet your needs, please contact us by email and we will work diligently with you to develop an inspection program to meet your specialized needs.  We have a group of highly skilled experts on staff the are willing to work with you.

Our Services:

bullet NFPA Aerial Inspections
bullet NFPA Ground Ladder Inspections
bullet Utility Equipment Inspections
bullet Mobile & Locomotive Crane Inspections
bulletArticulating Boom Crane Inspections
bullet Trans-Layer Structural Analysis
bullet Overhead and Gantry Crane Inspections
bullet Hoist Inspections
bullet Forklift Inspections
bullet Automotive Lift Inspections


For more information regarding specialized inspection services:


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