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Although forklifts are designed to perform rugged tasks, each time they are used they can get damaged in any number of ways. That's why inspection is of critical importance. Structural Technology, Inc. will perform a visual inspection of the general condition and an operational check to test its proper functioning. If our qualified personnel notice anything that may affect the normal operation of the forklift, we will note it a written report that is issued on-site.  All of STI's inspections meet or exceed the requirements of OSHA and ASME B56.1 & B56.6. 

Our Inspection program includes:

bulletfire extinguisher present, and charged
bulletengine oil level, fuel level, radiator water level (LPG, gas and diesel forklifts)
bulletbattery securely in place
bulletcables for exposed wires
bullethold downs or brackets
bulletbolts, nuts, guards, chains, or hydraulic hose reels not damaged, missing or loose
bulletwheels and tires not excessively worn or damaged
bulletforks not bent or cracked
bulletpositioning latches in good working condition
bulletcarriage teeth not broken, chipped or worn
bulletchain anchor pins not worn, loose or bent
bulletno damp spots or drips that may indicate a leak
bullethoses held securely, not loose, crimped, worn or rubbing
bullethorn working and loud enough to be heard in working environment; other warning devices operational
bulletfloor brake: pedal holds, unit stops smoothly
bulletparking brake: holds against slight acceleration
bulletdead-man seat brake: holds when operator rises from seat
bulletclutch and gearshift: shifts smoothly with no jumping or jerking
bulletdash control panel: all lights and gauges operational
bulletsteering: moves smoothly
bulletlift mechanism: operates smoothly (check by raising forks to maximum height then lowering completely)
bullettilt mechanism: moves smoothly, holds (check by tilting mast all the way forward and backward)
bulletcylinders and hoses: not leaking after above checks
bulletno unusual sounds

We also conduct a load test to provide a check of the hydraulic system, verifying the unit will not drift under load.


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